Professional Custom Ecommerce without the cost


E-Commerce continues its double-digit year-over-year growth rate, in part because sales are shifting away from stores and in part because online shoppers are less sensitive to adverse economic conditions than the average US consumer. Transitioning your business on the web or creating a new E-commerce is our specialty, and we do it for the lowest cost around.

We have several E-commerce products that have a wide range of pre-built features, and customization options. This saves your company development hours and cuts cost dramatically.  Our products are 100% scalable and customizable. There is nothing we can't do, so run with your imagination, and we will make it a reality.

E-Commerce Features:

Below are just some of the features that come standard with all of our custom E-commerce website's. For a more detailed list, click here to download a PDF document.

  • Marketing Promotions and Tools

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Site Management

  • Catalog Management

  • Catalog Browsing

  • Product Browsing

  • Mobile Commerce

  • International Support

  • Checkout

  • Shipping

  • Payment Services

  • Easy Customer Service

  • Customer Accounts

  • Order Management

Our Process

Understanding the approach of creating your custom Website is essential to the success of your project. Working together and efficiently is our goal and to ensure this we use our proven 4 phase process. This also ensures that every site that we develop is completed on time and to the complete satisfaction of our client. The following is a brief outline of the process we follow:

  • Website Planning / Requirements Gathering

    • The first phase of your Website project is information gathering and research. We learn more about your business, who your target audience is, your expectations of what the Website will do as well as what content you want included in your Website. Download our FREE website requirement guide here.

  • Website Design / Architecture

    • The next phase is the finalization of your Website's design. We create several unique prototypes (comps) of your Website that include navigation, content and graphical placeholders. Then you decide what you like/dislike and we create a final design with more detail.

  • Website Development / Coding

    • After selecting the final design, we will code the site and incorporate the content and graphics into the new design. During this process we will create a style guide that will be used throughout the site to ensure the content is delivered in a clean and consistent manner. Most importantly we make sure that all of our code is compatible with the most popular browsers. The site will be temporarily hosted on a secure part of a server and available for you to view. Throughout this process, you will have the ability to view our progress and request any minor changes you might like.

  • Website Deployment

    • One last approval from you and we are ready to launch your Website. Then we perform a complete website audit ensuring everything is functioning as planned, every link is linked and every word is spell-checked. After this final step and upon receipt of payment, we will then upload the website to the public.