Computer Services

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Internet Applications

KIT has the experience and knowledge to develop just about everything. In most cases, we use are own pre built software and customize it to fit your exact needs. Doing this cuts down on development costs, and enables us to provide the highest quality, affordable applications.

Some common internet applications include:

  • Content Management Systems to allow companies to manage their web site content

  • Online stores with E-Commerce

  • Social Networking Platforms

  • Web 2.0 tools

  • Interactive forms

  • Implementing 3rd party web applications

  • Custom reporting applications

  • Data import and export applications

  • Secure user login and authentication

  • Data encryption and security applications

  • Blog's

  • Inventory systems

We specialize in the following standards, languages and platforms:

  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • CSS


  • Flash & Actionscript

  • XML