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Newsletter Marketing

KIT email marketing and communication services has taken a unique approach. We understand every business is different, and that you have special needs to be able to serve your clients in the best way possible. We give your business the flexibility to choose a custom web based software or an in-house program to manage your newsletter. Call for a FREE DEMO..........

KIT Newsletter Specifications:

KIT email marketing software is a feature-rich, scalable software for small to large size businesses. It offers sophisticated features that include the following;

  • Sends and tracks mass mailings

  • Bounce management (invalid email's, bad host, ect..)

  • Link tracking

  • Advanced statistics

  • Script features to set up transaction emails

  • Data, event and time triggered events

  • Send out single event- or date-based e-mails and transaction mails

User Interface:

  • Offers a modern web-based graphical user interface

  • Comes with a very well documented manual

  • Customized exactly for your individual needs

  • Available with an English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish user interface

  • Offers wizards for important tasks like data import, mailing creation and data export

  • Has no limits for the number of subscribers, mailing lists and emails to send

The Technology:

  • State-of-the-art e-mail marketing software

  • Available for Windows, Linux and platform-independent VM Player

  • Based on a proven commercial software product, used to send out more than 4 billion e-mails/year